Social Liberal

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12.9% scored Social Liberal out of 302551 total takers for the old Version 6.

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You want government out of people's personal lives, but desire more government control over people's economic activities. This puts you somewhere between the Democratic, Green and Libertarian Party positions.

Campaign 2016

2016 is a strange year at the Presidential level. The Republican Party has been taken over by the old Know-Nothing Party. The Democrats are running a female version of Richard Nixon, and the Libertarians are running a pair of former blue state Republican governors who are tacking hard to the left. Are they really libertarians, or are they social liberals? It's hard to tell sometimes.

Elect them and you definitely get legal marijuana, improved civil liberties, black lives mattering [too], and a more peaceful foreign policy. You might also get a carbon tax and a universal basic income. (There's some waffling there, as the campaign keeps getting pressured by the hardcore libertarians.) Check out the campaign website for details on where they stand.

Get on board and lean on them and counterbalance the old guard libertarians and you have a real chance at a social liberal Presidency. But do if fast, as time is running out to get the ticket from 10% up to the 15% needed to get in the debates.

And yes, thanks to some fine print in the Constitution, Johnson has a nonzero chance of winning. This is a strange year.

Fun Reading for Social Liberals

Imagine government which provides security (including economic security) but otherwise leaves you alone. Some of the world's best science fiction writers have done just that. Check out my list of social liberal utopias for some examples.

You may find some of the economic leftist and libertarian utopias fun to read as well.

(Disclaimer: the links, including picture links, are affiliate links to Amazon. I get a small commission if you buy from those links -- to support my reading habit.)

Freedom and Equality

Tired of insider trading and domination by the big corporations? Would you like to have a more stable economy? Then check out Finance and Freedom. There, you will learn the keys to a small business dominated economy, a smaller wealth gap, and more. Finance and Freedom

Want to narrow the gap between rich and poor? How about having the government give money to the poor? Well, we are trying that now via welfare, but the results are mixed: the poor do get help but they are in the process encouraged to stay poor. The solution: give free money to everyone! Unconditional money helps the poor while leaving plenty of incentive to do the things become less poor. Think it's too expensive? See the numbers and decide for yourself. Free Money for All

The Progress Report The Progress Report
God's Welfare System

If you are a Christian as well as a liberal, check out God's Welfare System. This article shows how the poor were supposed to be taken care of during Old Testament times. There are some ideas there that are useful to this day. And you get to have fun with Republican members of the Religious Right when you can point out how the Law of Moses calls for an extensive welfare system while at the same time calling for no money for the police or the military.

The Good Government Reading List

Regardless of your core political values, this list of books on law, economics, politics, and social problems should add useful items to your mental toolset. These books (and one TV series) range from easy to challenging.

Political Campaigns, Parties, and Organizations

Modern Whig Party Logo

A common sense pragmatist third political party. What a concept! At least, that is what the Modern Whig Party claims to be. Looking at their web site their views seem to range from centrist to moderate left-libertarian.

A new party. Whether it gets off the ground remains to be seen.

Two green parties to choose from:
The Greens/GPUSA Green Party of the United States
Justice for All

Democratic Party

Not happy with the existing parties? Would you like to see a political party that was concerned about freedom and equality? Would you like to shrink big government and big corporations?

I am contemplating starting such a party. This is not a trivial undertaking! However in my manual on how to start a new political party I seriously address the challenges inherent in third party politics in the United States. Third parties generally fail, because the system is rigged against third parties. However, there are a couple of interesting loopholes...

How to start a New Political Party

Democratic Freedom Caucus The Democratic Freedom Caucus. Yes, there is a caucus within the Democratic Party that calls for smaller government, but like other Democrats, they are greatly concerned with equality.