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Carl S. Milsted, Jr. PhD

Physicist by day, dabbler in matters political in spare time. For about a quarter of a century, a Libertarian loudmouth, and eventually major activist including:

The last activities/positions above were attempts to make the Libertarian Party more realistic. Success was partial and transient. Since then, Dr. Milsted has left the party and become more nuanced in his views, taking into account concerns about poverty, the environment and national security. He now has several websites addressing these concerns in a liberty-compatible fashion, including:

  • Free Money for All, making the case for a universal basic income to replace most of the welfare system.
  • Finance and Freedom, how to regulate the financial system without strangling it.
  • Holistic Politics, the oldest and broadest site, exploring liberty-compatible policies that further equality, morality, and nature.

To contact me by email, send to . (Image used to defy the spammers.)

Phone: (828) 215-6816
Mail: Ask.

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