Radical Liberal

2.4% scored Radical Liberal out of 119402 total takers for the new Version 7.

2.8% scored Radical Liberal out of 302551 total takers for the old Version 6.

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You want government out of your personal life. On the other hand, you want more government in your economic life. This puts you closest to either the Green Party or the radical wing of the Democratic Party. You might even consider yourself a socialist, or a “true” communist (as opposed to the “state capitalists” who ran the old Soviet Union).

Campaign 2016

The obvious candidate for you is Jill Stein. She is in favor of everything liberal, and I mean everything: Medicare for everyone, legal drugs, cutting the military in half, and more. Much more.

If you ended American Imperialism and the Drug War, the country could indeed afford lots of government goodies. The Nordic Model of heavily taxed but lightly regulated capitalism does work.

But Stein's platform looks more like Venezuela than Norway. You might want to look elsewhere.

The safer choice for you is Hillary Clinton. You won't get the complete liberal wish list, but the odds of her winning are high.

But if you place a higher priority on peace and civil liberties than these test results indicate there is one more option for you to consider.

Your strongest bet for improving civil liberties and making black lives matter is Gary Johnson. Yes, he is running as a Libertarian, so that means less government in areas where you want more. But this year's Libertarian ticket is far more moderate than usual. Johnson and Weld are tacking hard to the left and saying nice things about a carbon tax and basic income.

And unlike most LP tickets, there is ouside chance he could win. (The major parties are running some very unlikeable candidates and the Republican Party is especially divided this year.)

So take a peek and see what you think.

Fun Reads for Radical Liberals

Imagine being able to party on and have the government foot the bill. Woohoo! Sounds like a good theme for a utopian novel, and yes, I have quite a few for you. You will have to look in two places. For an emphasis on partying on, see to social liberal utopias. For an emphasis on the government paying the bill, see the economic leftist utopias.

Campaigns, Parties, Organizations

Two green parties to choose from:
The Greens/GPUSA Green Party of the United States
Justice for All

Democratic Party


Tired of insider trading and domination by the big corporations? Would you like to have a more stable economy? Then check out Finance and Freedom. There, you will learn the keys to a small business dominated economy, a smaller wealth gap, and more. Finance and Freedom

Want to narrow the gap between rich and poor? How about having the government give money to the poor? Well, we are trying that now via welfare, but the results are mixed: the poor do get help but they are in the process encouraged to stay poor. The solution: give free money to everyone! Unconditional money helps the poor while leaving plenty of incentive to do the things become less poor. Think it's too expensive? See the numbers and decide for yourself. Free Money for All

The Progress Report The Progress Report

The Good Government Reading List

Regardless of your core political values, this list of books on law, economics, politics, and social problems should add useful items to your mental toolset. These books (and one TV series) range from easy to challenging.