10.8% scored Moderate out of 119402 total takers for the new Version 7.

6% scored Moderate out of 302551 total takers for the old Version 6.

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Your views call for roughly same amount of goverment and liberty that we (in the U.S.) have today, for both personal and economic issues. You should be relatively contented.

Then again, it is possible to score Centrist with a mix of radical bigger and smaller government positions for both the person and economic directions. I need to upgrade the quiz to look at standard deviations to distinguish Centrist from Eclectic. One of these days...

Campaign 2016

Since politics is all about balancing a base and hugging the center, you have multiple options to choose from.

The obvious status quo candidate is Hillary Clinton. If you want more four more years of what we have been getting for the past eight, then Hillary is your best bet.

Then again, she might push things hard to the left once in power, as she tried when her husband was in charge.

Or you might find some of her violations of various technicalities to be disturbing. If so, have a look at some other options.

By some metrics, Donald J. Trump is the most moderate Republican since Ford, or even Eisenhower. This is a man who once donated to Bill Clinton, after all. His protectionist stances are in line with the old labor union wing of the Democrats of yore.

But his temperament is anything but moderate. You might find his coarse language or bellicose threats to be off-putting.

For moderate temperament, your best bet is the Libertarian ticket this year. Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are both former Republican governors from blue states. They are well used to governing across party lines -- a rare skill these days.

Ideologically they are also far more moderate than Libertarians have been historically, but they are not truly centrist. You would still be looking at some government shrinkage.

Political Parties and Organizations

Democratic Party

The Republican Party And be sure to read the 2012 Republican Party Platform.
The American Solidarity Party is a Christian Democratic party which is pro life across the board. They call for generous welfare benefits funded by ground rents, and for backing off of some of the more punitive aspects of our justice system. But unlike most left wing parties, they would make abortion illegal and support religious freedom even outside church buildings.

Modern Whig Party Logo

A common sense pragmatist third political party. What a concept! At least, that is what the Modern Whig Party claims to be. Looking at their web site their views seem to range from centrist to moderate left-libertarian.

A new party. Whether it gets off the ground remains to be seen.

Not happy with the existing parties? Would you like to see a political party that was concerned about freedom and equality? Would you like to shrink big government and big corporations?

I am contemplating starting such a party. This is not a trivial undertaking! However in my manual on how to start a new political party I seriously address the challenges inherent in third party politics in the United States. Third parties generally fail, because the system is rigged against third parties. However, there are a couple of interesting loopholes...

How to start a New Political Party

The Good Government Reading List

Regardless of your core political values, this list of books on law, economics, politics, and social problems should add useful items to your mental toolset. These books (and one TV series) range from easy to challenging.

Radical Moderation

Holistic Politics

Freedom, equality, morality, nature,...these are all good things. All to often, political debate rages over which is more important. Synergies get overlooked. There is a better way, holistic politics. By looking at multiple values at the same time, it is possible to come up with creative solutions for the world's problems, solutions that make all the factions more happy.

Tired of insider trading and domination by the big corporations? Would you like to have a more stable economy? Then check out Finance & Freedom. There, you will find a plan to make the income tax simple , stabilize the stock market, and more. Finance and Freedom

The Progress Report The Progress Report

So, you think the government needs to stay a bit chubby because we need to take care of the poor? Worried about the disappearing middle class and wealth concentration? Well, we could have smaller government and eliminate most poverty by just giving everyone free money from the government. Give everyone the same amount and you could send an army of government bureaucrats off to become business owners or middle managers. Or you could repurpose those bureaucrats to work on your favorite program if you think the government isn't doing enough. Free Money for All

Energy from Thorium

With abundance, many political issues simply go away. So how about some abundant energy? Thorium is abundant and the technology is over a half century old. The technology to use it effectively was dropped because it wasn't very good for making nuclear weapons.

(I still have a few safety and proliferation concerns, so I'd love to get some input from some nuclear engineers. Anyway, given the enormous potential upside, this idea is worth blowing a few billion on feasibility and safety research.)


Regardless of your political values, economics is worth knowing...
Marginal Revolution

Think economics is just about predicting interest rates? Think again! Marginal Revolution is a very interesting economics blog written by professors at George Mason University.

Utopias and Dystopias

Just what is the optimal type of government? If government should be big, what should it do and who should run it? If government should be small or nonexistent, what should take its place? Should we embrace The Singularity or should we retreat back to Ecotopia? Is democracy optimal, or should we go back to monarchy? Maybe we should just let the mafia run things...

Sometimes the best way to explore these questions is to run a mental simulation through fiction. And so writers have promoted their ideas in utopian fiction and blasted ideas they disliked in dystopian fiction.

Here is an eclectic list of some of my favorites. You will find dystopias with runaway government which makes you long for liberty, and runaway corporations which make you long for more government. There are hippytopias and conservative Christian utopias. There are stealth utopian works disguised as comedies and even a crime novel. And there are few which are ambiguous as to whether they are utopian or dystopian works.

Not included here are the usual suspects. For the most part I have also omitted overly preachy works; I made a very few exceptions because the utopias described were just so different as to make the works interesting on that count. The rest stand on the merits of their interesting plots. Enjoy.

This is the short list. For more utopian and dystopian works see here.