Economic Conservative

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You want significantly less meddling by government in economic affairs, but a bit more government meddling in other matters. You fit in the Reagan-Goldwater wing of the Republican party. So, you probably approve of half or so of the Republicans in office, while you might consider others to be RINOs (Republicans in Name Only).

Campaign 2016

For a truly conservative candidate, check out Darrell Castle. Whether he will be on the ballot in your state is another matter, however.

This is a tough year for Economic Conservatives. The Republicans have been taken over by the ghost of the old Reform Party. And so a splinter groupd of mainstream modern conservatives have thrown together a campaign behind Evan McMullin. Given how late out of the gate this campaign is, it seems a long shot. And the issue statements are a bit fluffy.

If you want to affect the election to be less bad, you most likely need to support a candidate who has a shot at winning.

Donald Trump is not Hillary, but he used to donate to her. Today, he is against Obama Care. In the past he favored outright socialized medicine.

Where he has been consistent is that he is against open borders and low tariffs. If you like these positions, then The Donald is a good match.

If you miss Ronald Reagan, then your best bet among those who have a shot a winning is Gary Johnson. Johnson is the leading smaller government candidate in the race, and thanks to some quirks of the Constitution, Gary Johnson could actually win.

On the downside for you, the Johnson/Weld team is tacking hard to the left, going after the young Bernie Sanders voters on social issues. Could you stomach that in return for smaller government?

For a truly conservative candidate, check out Darrell Castle. Whether he will be on the ballot in your state is another matter, however.

Fun Reads for Economic Conservatives

Image no liberals...or at least no liberals in high political power. What do you get? It depends, as there are many varieties of conservative to fill in the power vacuum. And so I present you with a wide variety of conservative utopias.

Click the images for more info and/or to buy. These are Amazon affiliate links so I get a small commission if you opt to buy. I'm mixing capitalism with my love of speculative fiction.

Since you scored economic conservative, you might enjoy some of the libertarian utopias as well.

Political Campaigns, Parties, and Organizations

Political parties, campaigns, and related links of interest for economic conservatives.

The Republican Party And be sure to read the 2012 Republican Party Platform.

The Constitution Party Constitution Party platform.
The American Solidarity Party is a Christian Democratic party which is pro life across the board. They call for generous welfare benefits funded by ground rents, and for backing off of some of the more punitive aspects of our justice system. But unlike most left wing parties, they would make abortion illegal and support religious freedom even outside church buildings.

Campaign for Liberty

The Republican Liberty Caucus

Not happy with the existing parties? Would you like to see a political party that was concerned about freedom and equality? Would you like to shrink big government and big corporations?

I am contemplating starting such a party. This is not a trivial undertaking! However in my manual on how to start a new political party I seriously address the challenges inherent in third party politics in the United States. Third parties generally fail, because the system is rigged against third parties. However, there are a couple of interesting loopholes...

How to start a New Political Party

Ideas for Economic Conservatives

Some of the most intelligent conservative opinion pieces can be found in financial publications, such as Forbes. (Suggest reading the site with Mozilla or Chrome, as it doesn't work well with Internet Explorer.)
Old fashioned conservativism.
Downsizing Government
A guide to cutting the federal government's budget.

How do we get back to sound money and a stable economy? How do we replace ridiculous financial regulations with accountability? Read Finance and Freedom to find out. You will also find some fun potshots at Keynesian Economics and the Paradox of Thrift. To the Krugmobile! Finance and Freedom
Marginal Revolution

Think economics is just about predicting interest rates? Think again! Marginal Revolution is a very interesting economics blog written by professors at George Mason University.

From your answers it appears you believe that government should actively enforce some aspects of personal morality. If you think that such enforcement should be based on Christian (or Jewish) principles, here are some in-depth Bible studies on the matter for your consideration.

In Old Testament times, the people of Israel were supposed to aggressively enforce some aspects of personal morality. Adultery, idol worshipping, homosexuality, and Sabbath-breaking were all death penalty offenses. But in other ways, the Old Testament Law was quite libertarian, more so than U.S. law today. Recreational drugs were legal under Biblical Law. Prostitution was legal under certain circumstances. There were no prisons. Penalties for property crimes were in many ways less harsh than U.S. law. Indeed, the Bible contains a recipe for something close to anarcho-capitalism!

Law of Liberty

But should Christians be enforcing the Old Testament Law? Even in ancient times, the Law was enforced only in the Holy Land. The New Testament calls for forgiveness, not enforcement. This is not to say that Christians should water down calls for righteousness, merely that they have less mandate to enforce righteousness by force than ancient Israelites.

The Power of Mercy
One can make a good argument that Christian standards of morality should be higher than the mandates of Old Testament Law. However, this is not a justification for enforcement by The State, because Christianity is not for everyone. The Bible says so. And when Christians overlook this important fact, they are tempted to either water down the meaning of Christian or resort to forcible conversions. But if not are all called, what is the fate of unbelievers? And if not all are called to be Christians, to what extent can we call the United States a Christian Nation? A Narrow Path
God's Welfare System

If you are tired of the expense, bureaucracy and subsidized immorality of the current welfare state, check out God's Welfare System. This article shows shows how the poor were supposed to be taken care of during Old Testament times. Many of the ideas are useful to this day, ideas on how to help the poor without subsidizing irresponsibility.

Would you like to fire a hundred thousand bureaucrats? Would you like to do something about the hoards of illegal immigrants? Would you like to restore federalism and bring most domestic government back down to the state level? Then replace the federal welfare state with free money for all U.S. citizens. As a bonus, you'll make marriage economically worthwhile for the poor again. Free Money for All
Stop Global Warming

The environmental movement is the future, and if something isn't done, it will be a bureacratic future. Meanwhile, Social Security is threatening to bankrupt the country. Stop Global Warming puts these two apparently disparate ideas together for an idea that might just unite economic conservatives and the environmentalists for a bit.

The Good Government Reading List

Regardless of your core political values, this list of books on law, economics, politics, and social problems should add useful items to your mental toolset. These books (and one TV series) range from easy to challenging.