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Bigger Government Centrist
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9.3% scored Bigger Government Centrist out of 120426 total takers for the new Version 7.

4.1% scored Bigger Government Centrist out of 302551 total takers for the old Version 6.


It appear that you enjoy the amount of government we have today, and may even want a bit more. Your views appear to be in line with the mainstream media.

It appears that a roughly equal mix of Republican and Democrats are needed to provide what you desire, though you need a to a bit of selection from among the two major parties' offerings.

Political Parties

The mainstream parties that are serving you well:

Democratic Party

The Republican Party

And be sure to read the Republican Party Platform.

But just for fun I'll throw in one alternative party:

The American Solidarity Party is a Christian Democratic party which is pro life across the board. They call for generous welfare benefits funded by ground rents, and for backing off of some of the more punitive aspects of our justice system. But unlike most left wing parties, they would make abortion illegal and support religious freedom even outside church buildings.

The Good Government Reading List

Regardless of your core political values, this list of books on law, economics, politics, and social problems should add useful items to your mental toolset.

Click on an image to go to the Amazon order page. Note that the latest versions of these works may differ in cover from the images, as many of the images are pics of my personal copies.


This is a short list. I have more recommendations on economics, law and political philosophy, and mass domination for those who are interested. (The linked pages include reviews of my recommended readings.)

Out of the Box

If you want to try thinking "out of the box" on political issues, here are some articles and news sources with some ideas with which are likely to be novel.

From your answers it appears you believe that government should be significantly involved in the economy. If you believe in this because you desire more economic equality, then you might find these articles to be of interest.

The Balance of Wealth

The Balance of Wealth> takes an in depth look at the factors which lead to a lopsided distribution of wealth between the rich and poor. Yes, some people get rich because they earned it through work, cleverness and/or luck. However, many of the rich are being paid for the fact that they are rich, and in many hidden respects the government is subsidizing this process!

Shrinking the Corporations

Some people consider corporate power to be more dangerous than government power. After all, in theory we all have an equal share of the government, via our right to vote. Shrinking the Corporations looks at ways to shrink the size and power of the big corporations while still retaining the benefits of a capitalist economy.

Stop Global Warming

Perhaps you desire more government power in the economic realm because you are worried about the environment, such as the impending problem of global warming. Stop Global Warming looks at a simple and effect approach to reducing greenhouse emissions, which actually reduces the bureacratic burden on the economy. (Even if you are not concerned about this burden, other are; so it may be in your interest to take this under consideration as a matter of practical politics.)

Law of Liberty From your answers it appears you believe that government should be involved in enforcing some aspects of personal morality. If you think that such enforcement should be based on Christian (or Jewish) principles, you should find these articles of interest.

The Law of Liberty takes an in depth look at which aspects of personal morality were enforced in Old Testament Israel, and which were not. There was indeed morality enforcement (and how!) but the morals enforced were quite different from those enforced in the U.S. of the current era. In many areas, the Law of Moses was more libertarian than current U.S. law.

The Power of Mercy

The Power of Mercy continues this analysis by looking at the New Testament. Which laws of the Old Testament should Christians obey today? Which should they enforce on others through the might of the state? The answers may surprise you.

The Progress Report The Progress Report

Utopias and Dystopias

Just what is the optimal type of government? If government should be big, what should it do and who should run it? If government should be small or nonexistent, what should take its place? Should we embrace The Singularity or should we retreat back to Ecotopia? Is democracy optimal, or should we go back to monarchy? Maybe we should just let the mafia run things...

Sometimes the best way to explore these questions is to run a mental simulation through fiction. And so writers have promoted their ideas in utopian fiction and blasted ideas they disliked in dystopian fiction.

Here is an eclectic list of some of my favorites. You will find dystopias with runaway government which makes you long for liberty, and runaway corporations which make you long for more government. There are hippytopias and conservative Christian utopias. There are stealth utopian works disguised as comedies and even a crime novel. And there are few which are ambiguous as to whether they are utopian or dystopian works.

Not included here are the usual suspects. For the most part I have also omitted overly preachy works; I made a very few exceptions because the utopias described were just so different as to make the works interesting on that count. The rest stand on the merits of their interesting plots. Enjoy.

This is the short list. For more, with reviews, see: