Liberty Now!

Marketing Strategies to increase the LP's usefulness NOW

An Outrageous Claim

I submit to you that it is possible to increase liberty by significant amounts in the near future. By improving our strategies, we can make the Libertarian Party into a powerful tool for enhancing liberty, not in some nebulous future, when LP candidates get attention from the national media and membership numbers in the hundreds of thousands -- but right now.

It's All a Matter of Strategy

With some changes in strategy, the Libertarian Party can increase its power manyfold -- given its current membership and resources. The needed changes are completely in the hands of current Libertarian Party membership. They are not dependent upon:

The power is completely in the hands of the current Libertarian Party membership. Nay, it does not even require a majority of the LP membership, only a substantial minority to implement many of the plans herein.

Positive Feedback Cycles

After the LP has increased is effective power to liberate severalfold, many small-l libertarians can be expected to jump on the bandwagon. There is a large number of small-l libertarians working within the older parties because they don't believe the LP is the best tool for enhancing liberty. Given performance to date, they have a point.

The burden of proof lies with the current Libertarian Party membership. And so does the power to make this proof.

Net Benefit

The first, and most important, step in improving LP productivity is to focus on the net benefit of LP activities.

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