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You want government out of people's personal lives, but desire more government control over people's economic activities. This puts you midway between President Barack Obama and former Governor Gary Johnson.

There is no political party that represents your views. The Green Party does run many candidates with similar views, but the overall Green Party platform is much more socialistic than you are. There are some Democratic Party office holders in this region, but most are south of you on the Nolan Chart. Possibly the closest party to your views is the new Modern Whig Party, but they are just getting started.

A mix of Democratic, Green, and Libertarian politicians in office would provide the balance of freedom and social justice you desire. The ratio between these depends on how high up your dot is on the chart.

Political Campaigns, Parties, and Organizations

Barack Obama for President

Gary Johnson for President

If you are concerned about too much military spending, or lost civil liberties, then your best bet for 2012 is former governor Gary Johnson. Yes, he is running as a Libertarian, but he is not as radical as most previous Libertarian candidates or the Libertarian Party platform.

True, he would also cut lots of liberal-favored federal social programs. But do note that Gary Johnson also favors the Fair Tax which would be a major blow to globalization. Many union jobs would return from overseas. Also, that prebate thingy could be morphed into a full blown basic income guarantee with the right bargaining by liberals in Congress...

Modern Whig Party Logo

A common sense pragmatist third political party. What a concept! At least, that is what the Modern Whig Party claims to be. Looking at their web site their views seem to range from centrist to moderate left-libertarian.

A new party. Whether it gets off the ground remains to be seen.

The Green Party

Democratic Party

Not happy with the existing parties? Would you like to see a political party that was concerned about freedom and equality? Would you like to shrink big government and big corporations?

I am contemplating starting such a party. This is not a trivial undertaking! However in my manual on how to start a new political party I seriously address the challenges inherent in third party politics in the United States. Third parties generally fail, because the system is rigged against third parties. However, there are a couple of interesting loopholes...

How to start a New Political Party

Democratic Freedom Caucus The Democratic Freedom Caucus. Yes, there is a caucus within the Democratic Party that calls for smaller government, but like other Democrats, they are greatly concerned with equality.

Freedom and Equality

Tired of insider trading and domination by the big corporations? Would you like to have a more stable economy? Then check out Finance and Freedom. There, you will learn the keys to a small business dominated economy, a smaller wealth gap, and more. Finance and Freedom

The Free Liberal

The FLOW Project

The Progress Report The Progress Report

Thomas Paine Network
God's Welfare System

If you are a Christian as well as a liberal, check out God's Welfare System. This article shows how the poor were supposed to be taken care of during Old Testament times. There are some ideas there that are useful to this day. And you get to have fun with Republican members of the Religious Right when you can point out how the Law of Moses calls for an extensive welfare system while at the same time calling for no money for the police or the military.


Are you troubled with office managers trying to manipulate your mind with "inspirational" messages? If so, visit for your demotivational needs.


Regardless of your political values, economics is worth knowing...
Marginal Revolution

Think economics is just about predicting interest rates? Think again! Marginal Revolution is a very interesting economics blog written by professors at George Mason University.